THE BASIC OF MASTERING BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTO FOR DUMMIES: The Future of Bitcoin, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, and Decentralized Applications




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Some analysis believes Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are little more than a coin, whilst others believe they are "the most valuable innovation since the internet." It’s difficult to say who is right.

Bubble or Revolution, written by Google, Microsoft, and Facebook executives, breaks through the hype to provide a balanced, informative, and open examination of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

You’ll learn the core concepts of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies to understand their strengths and weaknesses from real-world case studies; dive deep into their technical, economic, political, and legal complexities; and gain insights about their future from exclusive interviews with dozens of tech industry leaders.

Are blockchains and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin MASTERING BLOCKCHAIN FOR FOR DUMMIES

What’s inside:

Bitcoin and the blockchain

How Bitcoin and blockchains work from a technical perspective with no assumed technical knowledge
Satoshi Nakamoto and the history of Bitcoin, the original blockchain
A thorough overview of crucial crypto concepts (eg. blocks, keys, mining, nodes, etc.)
Frameworks for understanding when it actually makes sense to use blockchain
Major application scenarios for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and where it’ll fall flat
Public blockchains and altcoins

Emerging trends in blockchain technology
What you should know before buying any cryptocurrency
An overview of Etherum and smart contracts
An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the top altcoins and stable coins, including Monero (XMR), Tether (USDT), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Alternatives to blockchain and cryptocurrencies
New kinds of decentralized ledger technology (DLT)
The economics of both traditional payment methods and cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency security best practices and major breach case studies
Private blockchains

How blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and traditional banking and finance will interact with one another in the future
Public blockchains vs private blockchains
Limitations and shortcomings of public blockchains and cryptocurrencies
The role of blockchain in the strategy of top tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft
Case studies of how non-tech companies are effectively utilizing blockchain (eg. Walmart using it to prevent foodborne illness)
Business blockchain case studies ranging from gaming (e.g. Xbox) to cloud services (e.g. Microsoft Azure’s blockchain-as-a-service and Amazon’s AWS offering)
Blockchain’s use for big data, the internet of things (IoT), and machine learning (ML)
Cryptocurrency regulation and policy

ICOs vs STOs vs IPOs
KYC and AML laws
The debate over whether cryptocurrencies are securities
The official stance of various countries on crypto
An overview of crypto policy and regulatory hurdles
The role of crypto in emerging markets and China
Digital democracy and voting on the blockchain
The future of decentralized technology

If, how, and when the tokenization of national currencies will play out
Facebook and WhatsApp’s upcoming cryptocurrencies
Currency tokenization and China’s efforts to tokenize the yuan
Blockchain, IoT, and the tangle
Cryptocurrencies vs. fiat vs. the gold standard
Predictions of money, business, and currency
Why blockchains would do better on Mars than Earth

Things to know before buying cryptocurrencies: THE BASIC OF MASTERING BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTO FOR DUMMIES offers trustworthy and balanced insights to Bitcoin investing interests or investing in other cryptocurrencies. Discover the risks and mitigations, learn how to identify scams, and understand cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets.

Listeners will learn about:

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Blockchain technology and how it works
The workings of the cryptocurrency market
The evolution and potential impacts of Bitcoin and blockchains on global businesses
Dive into the world of cryptocurrency with confidence with this comprehensive introduction.


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