Cryptocurrency Trading for Dummies 2021: How to Day Trade Cryptocurrency for Profit (Best Cryptocurrency Investing Bible for Dummies 2021)




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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is widely used by many all over the world to perform small and large volume transactions. With the invention of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2009 by a group of programmers under the cover name Nakamoto Satoshi, cryptocurrencies have gained popularity and trust so far.

One of the major reasons for its increasing popularity is that it’s believed to be operated and maintained by a decentralized system by using cryptography.

This decentralized cryptocurrency system means it operates on blockchain technology, and no one has authority over its operations. This makes it easy for people to perform small and large volume financial transactions without fear of losing out their money due to one centralized authority.

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most major ways by which people acquire and accumulate cryptocurrencies. To make a huge profit in cryptocurrency trading, you need to learn and understand the technicalities and strategies involved.

You can make a few bucks through iota luck, but if you want to consistently income through cryptocurrency, this book “Cryptocurrency Trading for Dummies 2021” is for you!

This book aims to reveal and equip its readers with the necessary and prerequisite knowledge required for anyone that wants to trade cryptocurrencies in 2021.

Embedded in this book are proven strategies that top cryptocurrency experts use when trading various cryptocurrencies.

•    How to Day Trade Cryptocurrency for Profit.
•    What is Cryptocurrency?    
•    Brief History    
•    History of Bitcoin    
•    ALTCOINS    
•    ETHEREUM    
•    LITECOIN    
•    Why Do I Need To Trade Cryptocurrency?    
•    Wallet Address    

•    Risk Management in Cryptocurrency Trading    
•    Principle Risk the board Techniques    
•    Trading Rules and Strategies that Guides You to Discipline    
•    Cryptocurrency Trading Tools    

•    Cryptocurrency Trading Technical and Fundamental Analysis    
•    Supply and Demand Always Matter    
•    Technical Analysis    
•    Potential Entry Levels    
•    Crypto Market Manipulation Tactics and How to Avoid Them    


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