Blockchain: Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering Bitcoin, Making Money with Cryptocurrency & Profiting from Blockchain Technology




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Discover how you can make money from cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology – even if you’re a complete novice

Between 2010 and 2017 The price of Bitcoin rose from $0.07 to over $7,200 – An increase of over 10,285,600%!

That’s the equivalent of buying 1 share of Facebook stock today, and that very same share being worth an astonishing $18.3 million in just 7 short years.

But do you fear you’ve missed the boat?

Do you think the best days are long gone?

That you can’t make huge profits with cryptocurrency any more?

Well, that’s what they said in 2015.

Yet in 2020, the entire cryptocurrency market grew by over 1,127%!

In the same time frame the SNP 500 rose a mere 10.25% – and that was a good year for the market

Gold only rose 10.16% in the same time period.

This may sound like hype, except these are real numbers. Real millionaires have been created in the past 5 years thanks to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

And many financial analysts predict the best is yet to come.

So even if you consider yourself a newbie to blockchain technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – you can get in while the best gains are still to be made

In this blockbuster 2 book bundle, you’ll learn:

  • How you can open your cryptocurrency portfolio in less than 10 minutes, even if you’re a complete novice – Page 37
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of 13 different cryptocurrencies – Page 42
  • Where to get your information regarding cryptocurrency if you want to avoid pitfalls – Page 96
  • A real life case study of what NOT to do when buying an altcoin – Page 111
  • How blockchain technology actually works, and why you should trust it more than any traditional bank – Page 121
  • Which multi-million dollar industry blockchain could make obsolete within years – Page 132
  • Which country is effectively using blockchain technology to launch revolutionary “smart cities” – Page 146
  • 2 important factors determining the success of blockchain moving forward – Page 162
  • How to spot a blockchain ICO scam before you unwisely invest your money in one (avoid these to protect your money) – Page 187

…and much, much more!

PLUS – on page 86, we discuss a brand new, high potential coin for 2018 not discussed in any other Stephen Satoshi book!

This one provides instant, zero-fee transactions with other cryptocurrencies. Plus, it’s already partnered with a major (top 5) cryptocurrency and is poised for huge growth in the coming 12 months.

See how you can benefit from this incredible opportunity…all for the price of your daily coffee

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