2pcs Gold Dogecoin Commemorative 2021 New Collectors Gold Plated Doge Gold Plated Doge Coin Limited Edition 02




Price: $15.99 - $8.99
(as of Oct 19,2021 18:48:40 UTC – Details)


Original Collectors Coins, Random Year!

Package:1/2pcs Come With An Acrylic Coin Protective Cover(Gold Coin Or Silver Coin)
Size: Diameter= 40mm, Thickness=3mm, Weight=1 Oz

Due To Product Updates, There May Be Slight Differences. In-Kind Prevail.

Package Include:
1/2pcs Dogecoin Coin With A Protective Case.Must-Have For Dogecoin Fans: This Dogecoin proudly showcase your successful joining of life-changing Blockchain revolution! The gold dogecoin coin will make a modern, elegant, stylish addition to the collection of every inspired investor in crypto currency mining!

An Elegant and Long-Lasting Home Decor Item: The Dogecoin can be splash a touch of chic on the computer desk, shelf or living room/bedroom decoration. It is the best gift to your sweetheart, husband, dad, friend or colleague.

High Quality and Beautiful: The Dogecoin coin made from sturdy metal and gold plated to acquire a unique luxurious shine, this crypto currency coin can be gloriously exhibited in the office or home as a unique piece of artwork.

Come With Protective Case: The transparent protective case will protect dogecoin from scratches, corrosion, etc.

Lucky Funny Gifts For your sweetheart, husband, dad, friend and colleague.Send From USA Warehouse. Send From USA Warehouse, normal take 2-3 working days for arrived.

The Dogecoin Coin Made From Sturdy Metal And Gold Plated To Acquire A Unique Luxurious Shine
Must-Have For Dogecoin Fans:This Dogecoin Proudly Showcases Your Successful Joining Of The Life-Changing Blockchain Revolution! The Gold Dogecoin Coin Will Make A Modern, Elegant, Stylish Addition To The Collection Of Every Inspired Investor In Cryptocurrency Mining!
Dogecoin Can Be Decorated On A Computer Desk, Shelf Or Living Room/Bedroom.This Crypto Currency Coin Can Be Gloriously Exhibited In The Office Or Home As A Unique Piece Of Artwork.
With Protective Case: The Transparent Protective Case Will Protect Dogecoin From Scratches, Corrosion, Etc.
It Is The Best Gift To Your Sweetheart, Husband, Dad, Friend, Or Colleague.


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